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Stevenzotte, Colombia
30.05.2020 15:06
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VernondEm, Mozambique
30.05.2020 04:14
Drug chiefs hunting traces of new designer steroid in blood of child in Perth

The ABC has learned that a child with Down Syndrome was recently exposed to what police suspect is the most dangerous form of designer drugs in modern Australia - ecstasy.

New drug crackdown forces families to live in limbo of drugs

The NSW mother of one of the children described a "huge, horrible, horrific nightmare" as a police officer confronted her about the drugs in January, just days after she gave birth to a baby girl.

"She came over and she said she had discovered the ecstasy, was she really on a new drug called synthetic ecstasy or one made with the drugs I had told her about," said the mother, who asked not to be named.

The mother said she was told the child had suffered two ruptured lungs but her son was treated at Westmead Hospital where he has remained in critical condition ever since.

"She said to me 'if she's still alive you have to bring the child back to this hospital to have a biopsy and look for any signs of what drugs are in the blood, they can be as simple as bruises' I said 'well you don't have to do that if you don't want to' she said 'well, you know your baby is here because it wasn't found in a hospital, that's why I have to do this'."

The baby is still in intensive care.

"I asked her what was going on, she said 'let's tell the police now. We're not gonna lie to you, we need the body, there are no more drugs inside it, now we only need a brain'."

"It's hard for me to speak to a child because it's hard to think to say anything when you've got such an awful nightmare and such a horrible death, and even with all the drugs the body may still say 'you're not awake, don't worry' I think my heart is broken and I'm very broken and it's really horrible but I can't be quiet, I have to talk."

The mother said her two daughters had had no idea whether their two daughters were having babies or getting married.

"We can't just tell them, it's difficult but I just want them to know we're trying to help.

"If your baby doesn't wake up you should call us and we'll show you what we know."

When asked what the mother said to the officer when they went to check on her two young daughters, she said it was about doing something to help the children and give them a voice.

"She said 'we can't leave them until we get the DNA test, give them some kind of hope, I want the girl to know w

Rival business lobby kicks off with a new ad

In the past the Federal Trade Commission has looked at all ads promoting the products, claiming that they violate the FTC's rules. "That's not something that we're going to jump on," FTC commissioner Edith Ramirez said. Ramirez was referring to a recent ad campaign that featured the U.S. Mint's logo and that was removed by the Mint.

Ads for a new product are typically designed by the FTC's team to appeal to consumers who will either never buy the product or would rather spend more than $80 for their first order. When a product or service has already been out for months, a person may just buy the cheapest price, but if a company is marketing a new product or service at the same time as another business that is outselling it in some market, they may not want to risk drawing attention to themselves. (Both companies are likely to be called out for advertising practices in this post.)

To protect the image of both companies, the FTC will use information from their marketing communications to help build a case for action. This process involves analyzing thousands of communications and reviewing the information to determine whether there is any likelihood it could impact the public.

The law gives the FTC broad discretion when it comes to how to respond to consumer complaints. In fact, the commission has taken enforcement actions in the past for a series of products, including a lawsuit that sought to protect the reputation of Home Depot over a product for treating pets with drugs (the company ultimately settled the case with the consumer out of court). (The FTC also has opened enforcement proceedings in a number of other situations.)

This year, the FTC is also bringing actions in relation to the ad that went live earlier this week in several North American sports bars. An ad that features Michael Sam, a pro football player who is set to play a major role on the Seattle Seahawks' roster this year, begins to show on screen and, when pressed, tells viewers to visit the website http://michaelsam.com/just-askme for "Michael Sam's new Nike and Adidas Nike+ shoes." It ends by showing a photo of Sam's mother posing with the shoes, a shot that includes a tagline "Your shoes are great." While Sam's mother has said that the ad is not intended to target any women or young women, some critics have questioned whether the ad violated the law by using racial overtones.

In fact, the FTC has already asked for more information regarding the ad. It asked the NFL and Nike, along with a local bar owner, for information about its context and intention when it was published and for information about how the ads were handled. (We have not yet received any response. If a response does arrive, we'l

DanielQuink, Chile
29.05.2020 02:08
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